Bears and ambulances-please reply

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Bears and ambulances-please reply

Post by graceandfaith on Wed Aug 19, 2009 12:47 pm

I just joined this to seek Godly advice. Several weeks ago I dreamed I was at the hospital that I work at. I dreamed I was in the bathroom and an earthquake shook us then water started to cover the floor from the burst plumbing. I eventually walked from the bath to my patient care area. One of the nurses I work with was there and was taking a patient to surgery in the midst of the water. She said "We can't stop. We still have to take care of them." So I started back to work. The next day in real life this nurses son and grandson drowned together. I went to the funeral home. She is now on indefinant leave. Last week I dreamed that I was at work in the same place as the other dream. An ambulance was parked there inside the room. The back doors were open. A bear was inside the ambulance, holding several different animals hostage. I was inside with them and could have left but stayed because I didn't want to abandon them. A big mallard duck was laying in front of the bear, terrified. We then all exited but I saw that a lamb was laying in that spot and the bear had his arm on it, holding it down. Then our church secretary came in with us, as if she wanted care from the ambulance. She had a huge new incision across her throat. I said "So that's the reason I'm here, to take care of you." Now for the next dream that made me worried enough to seek your help. My grown daughter dreamed last night that her niece, my granddaughter was hurt very badly by one of her dad's friends carelessness. She finally opened her eyes to know us at the end of the dream. I was actually afraid to ask my daughter for any more details. It might help to tell you that I have been struggling with wanting to leave my job. Also, we had another death due to cancer in our department so everyone is in turmoil. My granddaughter starts kindergarden next week, so a little anxiety there.

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Re: Bears and ambulances-please reply

Post by lola21st on Fri Aug 21, 2009 2:56 pm

Hi graceandfaith -

I don't have an interpretation, just thoughts -

In the first dream, I see two separate dynamics. If you don't live in an area that's prone to earthquakes then I think this is more symbolic. In the Bible, earthquakes are typically associated with judgement, earthquakes appeared as a reaction to an extended period of unrighteousness. When Jesus died on the cross, there was an earthquake that broke the veil of the temple permanently changing the way in which we approach the Lord. And that's the thing about earthquakes they cause permanent change/damage to unrighteousness/cause a permanent shift in something. Is there something going on at the hospital that is similar like a reorganization or change in leadership or some other fundamental decision that hasn't been well received? (You also mentioned that you're thinking about leaving your position, are the two related?) The fact that the plumbing (infrastructure) was broken and the water has flooded the hospital could either mean troubles ahead in that department or a cleansing; When I think of broken pipes, I usually think of strong bursts of water so I see this as more of a problematic thing that God is showing you versus a cleansing action of the Holy Spirit, but you decide based on my description. (I don't really see a direct connection between the dream and your co-worker's tragedy but I could be wrong.)

The other dream also appears to be a warning dream. The bear is in the ambulance which is in the hospital and the bear is oppressing the other animals. Bears often symbolize evil or danger but in this case, I don't necessarily feel that the danger is spiritual as in spiritual warfare,I feel like the animals in this case might represent people at the hospital. You being inside and having the ability to leave may symbolize the struggle you are currently facing regarding the decision that you're going to make about your job.

I don't really have an interpretation for the dream regarding your granddaughter but I've been praying for her in between the time that I first read this dream and now that I've been able to post it. What I can say is that God will give us dreams as warnings of what a particular outcome could look like so that we pray and intercede for any of the following (but not limited to):

- people/circumstances change
- whatever is not in order is put in order
- spiritual battles are waged and demonic spirits destroyed

so that the dream doesn't manifest in the physical realm. Keep your granddaughter (and the rest of your family) covered in prayer until you get the sense of peace that releases you from needing to continue those specific prayers. I will continue praying for her and your family as well....

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