Dream 3 and Deja Vu

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Dream 3 and Deja Vu

Post by scarlethread on Tue Aug 18, 2009 1:40 am

Okay... here is my next question... what is the deal with Deja Vu? I experience moments that I KNOW I have dreamed. Most moments are very insignificant, but a couple of times I have been able to change the outcome of a conversation for the better. I have these fairly often. I once had a "Deja Vu" that turned on and off over about a half an hour... when I was shooting a scene for a film I was working on... and large segments of that time where vividly "coming back to me" as they were happening "for real".

Preface to Dream 3 -
I am an indie Christian filmmaker and I am working on setting up a film right now... www.maskquerade.com
We were throwing around casting ideas and Billy Bob Thornton came up. Clearly, he's A-list and hard to get on a tiny budget. But I had this dream...

Dream 3 -

I was in a place, I can't tell you where... kinda felt like a book signing or a meet and greet in a real hometown restaurant. I was somehow involved in the event. I looked over at a table, and Billy Bob Thornton was there... looked like he had been greeting people, but was gathering his stuff to leave. I didn't say anything to him, not wanting to be a hound. But then he said... "Tommy, here's your script back." I looked over, and he was holding it up... not even looking at me... sort of busy cleaning up, gathering his cell, etc. I reached out and took the script... but noticed it was a tad thinner than it should be... and instead of a bound script with covers... it was a stack of pages ripped out of magazines. But, I didn't mention it... I just stood there for a second, and said... "Well?" He looked up and grinned and said, "Look, it's a terrific story. I just think it's gonna be really hard to get that made." and I said... "You know how to get a movie like this made?" and he said "How?" and I said "Get someone like Billy Bob Thornton involved in it." and he smiled... like he was busted, but not 100% convinced... then I woke up.

Update to this...
Here's the thing. Two weeks after that, I had a friend's dad say he could get a script to Billy Bob. So we sent it. Hoping it was all real. I heard just yesterday, from these guys, that Billy Bob declined the role. It was a low offer on a 2 mil film, but we thought he might dig the southern tragedy/hope of the story. Anyway... that's all I know... I don't know that much needs to be interpreted here... maybe... but I was curious as to why he would hand me back the "ripped magazine pages" and not the script that we sent "in the future."


One thing I find interesting about this, is that I had this dream before knew I would be sending it. And I can't say for sure, yet, that he has the script... but interesting none the less.

I am interested in hearing anything that sticks out to you here, but the one thing I find striking is the stack of ripped out articles that he called my script." Maybe because it is a true story, maybe because the film will create a lot of press.... Let me know if you have any thoughts.

Great talking with you the other day... Steph and I starting seeking the "portal to heaven" last night.


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