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Dreams 1 & 2

Post by scarlethread on Tue Aug 18, 2009 1:28 am

Hey Guys... I'm new here... I have a couple of topics to start tonight... I have had a friend how has some insight into dreams help me with these, but I would like to get some further thought. I know the most important thing is to seek God.

Dream 1
I was at my parent's house. There was a gathering... like a family reunion. Pot luck. People were mostly in the front yard, but were milling around in and out of the house. I had gone down to the basement a couple of times to get something, and always felt strange... like I couldn't get up the stairs fast enough and close the door. Also, I never came up starts with anything - even after looking a couple times. As I was in the family room on the main level, My friend Marc's mom came in the front door with a couple of plastic grocery bags. Her hair was very 80's. I greeted her and we headed down the hall to my parent's room. By the way... my friend Marc recently moved to California, and I don't have a deep relationship with his mom. Anyway... I stopped at the basement door which is in the hallway. She kept going down the hall. I opened the door, and there was a dark-skinned, dark-haired guy - maybe Latino. He wanted in, but never said anything... he fell at my feet to keep me from closing the door, but I managed. I remember yelling to my dad, that I needed to get down to the basement later and figure out "where they were coming in". The door began to glow... opaque... like a thick white stone. The light was yellowish, and other worldly.

I went to my parent's room, where I saw Marc's mom pulling a 500 count napkin package out of a bag. She was putting them in my mom's closet. (My mom went to Heaven 8 years ago). Marc's mom seemed a little amused that she had bought extra napkins and brought them over... like mom's will do. I joked that I heard they were on sale. Then I realized my dad was there looking in his closet. (My dad is alive on earth) My mom was standing beside him. They were talking about how they would fit her stuff back in. He mentioned converting some room to closet space or building on. He was excited to have her back. In my spirit, I knew they were getting back together, but had not been divorced... clearly she had passed, but she was there with him. A man stood to my left, that I assumed was with Kandie (Marc's mom), but he didn't come in with her, and I never saw his face. He was kind of in shadow, but I can't say he made me feel afraid. My mom walked into the hallway and almost opened the basement door. I stopped her, and then the house started shaking. Paint was peeling and chipping off the walls. We huddled together. Me, My parents, Marc's mom and the unknown guy. I looked up and realized the furnace or something could fall through and hurt us. We moved to my parents bedroom. Someone mentioned there was a clear spot. I looked up... there was a large square skylight, with no glass... straight through the roof. I could see the stars brilliantly and nothing would fall on us.

The shaking finally stopped. We all went on about our business as if the shaking never happened... my dad talking about closet space. I went to the family room. When I looked back down the hall toward my parent's room. The guy started knocking at the basement door. It was consistent, but not ugly or mean... or funny. It was strange, and unwanted.

Dream 2 - the next night...

I had a hard time getting to sleep for about 4 days around this time. Lying in bed until 5 am a couple nights in a row. The night after Dream 1, I fell asleep long enough to dream this...

I stood by a receptionist desk. A Sara Palin-type of lady was sitting there behind the desk, but it was not Palin. She said... "So, you had a dream last night?" I said... "Yeah, I did." As I smiled... she said...
"What numbers did He give you?" I thought about it, and assumed she meant phone numbers... I couldn't remember numbers of any kind. I responded... "None." She said with a smirky knowing look... "Huh..."

Then I woke up.

Obviously (not to me at first) if you go back and read Dream 1... you see a number... 500... the napkins. I remember in the dream... seeing the packaging and the number stuck with me. I just didn't "remember it". Clearly God wants me to take notice here... He gave me a dream to tell me to look at my other dream. I have some insight of my own and from my friend, however confirmation, clarity or further insight are welcome... as I have not figured out the 500 napkins... and 500 is important. It might be a signal for a future decision... but let me know if anything strikes you.


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