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When the dream started I was sitting in a car in town, watching a tow truck push a gray plymouth neon down the street and around the car. I waited for someone to come out running after the tow truck, but that never happened. The tow truck had dirt on it, like when it has been dusty for some time. The sun was shining and it was a hot day. I was sweating and had on a sleeveless shirt. I rarely wear that IRL. I was looking at the storefront, waiting for someone to come out. I could see the street stop sign on my left, the hardware store was in front of me, and the old would was light gray because it had not been weathered or painted. I went back to this house that had many enemies. We all began to talk and laugh, having a great time. We talked about the things that made us not like each other, and how silly we were back then. This was an upstairs/downstairs house with six bedrooms. I could see all of the house at once, like when you cut something in half and open it up. Everyone was dressed very nicely. Then the dream jumped to my mother and me. It seemed that we are riding a bus that was not driven by my Boaz, but that we know that he is coming soon, in the next hour, he is the next driver. I am not waiting for him, because I know that he will come. We get to our destination, and we have work to do. We began to feed hungry people. In this dream, it was night, and the people had on a lot of clothes. They were street people. After that, we went back to the house, but we drove, we didn't take the bus. When I got there, there was this guy in a room who was supposed to be gay. He was really little. I went in and he was lying on this twin bed. There was someone lying on the floor infront of this ragged brown dresser. The carpet was stained in splotches. The mattress on the floor was little more than pieces of foam. I was thinking, Eww. I closed the door, then it opened again, and the dude came out hugging me, glad to see me. The person on the floor turned out to be a woman with a little child. She said, "You think I am not man enough to be with him?" I didn't have a reply. I was very shocked that she was a female, when I thought he was gay. I was also shocked that she would have her child in the room with her while she was doing a sexual act. Well, I did not see that happen, but she put herself out there like that. I went back in the room, and the guy leapt out of his bed again, and proceeded to urinate on the carpet in front of the dresser. THEN the dream switched to me being at someone's house doing brick work with ready-made faux brick material. I thought this was cheap and inferior. Why would anyone roll out their brick pavement and siding? It was able to be rolled out and cut. We did the siding at the front door and the path to the sidewalk that led to the street. We got in a car and we were headed to my aunt's brother in law's house in desoto. I didn't see the door open, so we (my siblings) passed the house and I went back up the street to work on the brick. The husband was there and the wife. There was a door positioned between them so that I could see the face of the door, the window with the curtain in it, but the woman was on the left of the door and the man was on the right of the door. The woman had on pearls, and had a lot of hair. She also had on an apron. They were not in agreement on something they were discussing. Later that day, we went back by the aun't house. I could see weeds bordering the house, and it was up the street from the house I was working on. I got the impression that I could see inside the house. The house itself was made of brick. The same color as what I was putting down on the other property. Brown and maroon with the white mortar between. It also had a railing on the porch. It was a low porch. No real steps needed to climb it. It had a dark gray roof, with white wood under it. There were no trees in the yard, like when it is a new community, but the houses did not look that new. It reminded me of houses that are flipped after purchase. The photo albums were on the coffee tables and there were pictures on the wall. There was lots of food being prepared, like when you barbeque. I could see an Eddie Bauer, dark blue with beige trimming in the back under the carport, and several other cars at the house. I was uneasy thinking about my aunts. I knew they were in there, and I wondered if this was going to be peacable, or did we even want to bother with them. We could go do something else. (They were always kind, but look down on people in real life. I remember they would just whip out 100.00 bills and ask if we wanted them. We would, but we would say no. They were kind of catty, and my sisters did not like them. Long history.) I woke up. What in the World???...

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