"The Kiss of A Stranger"

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"The Kiss of A Stranger"

Post by covenant2love on Fri Aug 14, 2009 8:04 pm

I dreamed one night that I was in attendance at a church conference. There were many men in attendance at this conference and as we passed each other, each man would shake my hand and say, "good to see you, sister". However, there was a strange caucasion gentleman who approached me, took my hand gently and kissed me on the cheek. I was startled and stepped back looking at this man in amazement. I was amazed that he had the audacity to greet me as he did and I had no ideal who he was. All the other gentlemen who spoke to me in passing, were african american. He carried an aura of peace and gentleness. He then leaned over and whispered in my ear, "I can give you whatever you need legally". I was so stunned that all I could do was just look at him. This man had a mustache and beard.

Next scene. I was riding in a private plane owned by this same gentleman. I was very impressed that he owned his own plane and more surprised that I was riding in it with him. He said he wanted to take me and show me something. As I looked out the window of the plane, all I saw was beautiful rolling green hills, beautiful landscapes, wide open spaces, something that looked like, Im sure, close to a garden of eden. There was nothing but greenery as far as the eye could see. The plane landed and the two of us deboarded. We Walked over this one hill, and there was a group of men in hard hats building a big beautiful house. I thought, "maybe they are building this house for me. Maybe this is what the man meant when he said "I can give you whatever you want legally." The foreman who was asian, looked up (he was sawing wood) and saw us coming from a distance. As we got closer and the foreman saw that I was african american, he started shouting, "you cant stay here, you go, you can't stay here". We kept walking towards him and all of a sudden, he picked up a tool which looked something like a hatchet and kept shouting at me with great anger, "you cant stay here"... there were other workers working on the house and when they heard the angry words of the foreman, they stopped working and joined in with the foreman as he chased after us with tool in hand in an attempt to do bodily harm. We ran back to the airplane and took off. I was so disappointed that I could not have that house and live in that beautiful land and was even more confused as to why the workers were so adamant about running me off that land. The man I was with in the plane did not offer any explanation.

Next scene. We were both back in the plane and this time the plane ended up flying over a larger city. All I saw below was a ghetto where there was an very small empty concrete lot between two houses. The pilot started looking for a place to land near this lot and I kept telling the man with me that I didnt want to land on that lot. I kept trying to tell the man that that lot was not what i wanted to be.......the plane landed on that tiny lot....and then I woke up.

This dream occured some time back in 2002-03. If anyone receives revelation from God concerning this dream, I would appreciate you sharing it with me. Ive prayed for revelation, but have not received it. And this dream has stayed with me all these years!

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