seeking confirmation re: 3 old friends

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seeking confirmation re: 3 old friends

Post by bottlecap on Fri Aug 14, 2009 1:10 pm've been there for me before and God used you for interpretation! I believe He has given me an interpretation (there is a first time for everything), but I'm seeking a little confirmation if you please.

My late grandmother and I are travelling, walking through an airport on our way to a destination. We are dressed in Sunday clothes: nice dresses, hose and heels (not something that I'd wear now!) I hear my name being called and look for the one calling. I spot 3 women who I knew from high school. My grandmother is still walking and doesn't stop. I say to her to keep going and I'll catch up to her at the terminal. I turn to the left and start towards my old classmates.

There is a grassy yard that separates us. The 3 friends are not standing in the airport but are on the opposite side of the yard which is surrounded by a chain link fence. They are also dressed in "church" clothes. I start across the yard, leaving the terminal; I'm excited to see them since they were all very nice people. I see that the grassy yard is full of dog poop and it's difficult to cross without stepping in it.

One of the women I knew fairly well, one was just an acquaintance and the third I only remembered as being part of my class but not her name. We talked for what seemed like only a minute and the woman I knew fairly well asked me what time my flight was. I told her and she looked at her watch and said that it was 2 minutes past that time. I panicked and told them "bye". As I was making my way back across the yard, I stepped in one of the more dried dog poop piles and tried to shake it off my nice heels. I ran back into the airport and ran to the terminal where my grandmother was. I saw her in the crowded terminal. She was sitting in a seat looking down at her lap. I didn't know if she had waited for me and because of that she missed the flight or if the woman was mistaken and told me the wrong time. I looked around me and saw a gumball machine. I thought that I'd get some for the flight that I was now unsure that we would make. I started putting dollars and dollars of quarters into this gumball machine. When I put in my last quarter I realized that the gumball machine front was not there and that the gumballs were free.

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