Door Of Light

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Door Of Light

Post by ManOfGod17 on Fri Aug 14, 2009 10:19 am

This is my dream

Something happened and i was walking through this corridor it was just pure white and empty. there was no doors or nothing. Then Jesus appeared out of nowhere and He said something and then this door appeared and he opened it and it was just a room full of a brilliance of light and i walked through and the power and anointing i felt was just incredible, and i was sleeping and i saw 2 feint images i think 1 was of a lock don't remember the other 1. then i remember i was lying down on this table i had been tied down and couldn't move and Jesus was standing in front of me but at the right, and to the left of me was an animal not sure what animal but it was coming towards me i thought it was just gonna eat me but wen it made a step towards me Jesus moved that step closer to me. And i was shouting Blood of Jesus

This thing happened once i was through the door after i felt what i felt we switched to me lying on the table
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