Dream (Shutting Demons Out)

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Dream (Shutting Demons Out)

Post by ManOfGod17 on Fri Aug 14, 2009 10:02 am

I was in my moms room in our previous home with my mom as wel as my 2 sisters and i think my brother who IRL dosent live with us was there,
and something, a presence showed up it was an evil presence, we all got scared but bodly started to rebuke it, but this presence didnt premit me to speak, i could open my mouth but no words were coming out i was thinking what i wanted to say but just couldnt say it. But after a while of trying to talk i finally could like a release, then all i remember is the doors where shut and the demons where walking up and down our stairs screaming and throwing things around in the living room because we had locked them out and they couldnt get back it.
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