Family dinner!!!

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Family dinner!!!

Post by nubava on Fri Aug 14, 2009 2:12 am

Another one...

I was in my living room, the lights were on, and the room was full of light. I had the impression as if we were having family dinner and we were getting ready for it. My family was there, I also saw my granny (she doesnít live with us). There was cutting board in front of me, I was in the process of cutting celery for a salad, I did it then I took a nice, juicy piece of cooked meat and started to cut it. I also saw my late grandfather; he was silent sitting on the couch. He was so quiet that even my sister came up to him trying to make him smile or sth. I didnít see him but somehow I knew it was him there. Then out of nowhere our family friend and her daughter stood up from the couch said itís better for them to leave as it is late. I was confused and worried as I was preparing nice dinner and they are leaving. So they started hesitatingÖand I woke up

So I wonder what it means when you see late grandfather/grandmother.

And the process of cooking and cutting?

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Re: Family dinner!!!

Post by martin from Africa on Fri Aug 14, 2009 3:44 am

hi there, just a few thoughts, i like the light, God is light, and you must be walking in His light, a family dinner, time to eat the Word of God, you cutting or refining the Word, then eating more mature food (Word) the meat, the fact that you knew your grandfather was there, like the Holy Spirit, could also mean wisdom, the couch could refer to receiving revelation knowledge, your sister, someone you trust, the family leaving, could refer to distractions from receiving the Word...the fact that you become confused after they get up from the couch could mean you in a season were you need to receive more revelation from God, receive what witnesses with you, and take it to God in prayer, blessings martin

martin from Africa
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