Lots of carrots

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Lots of carrots

Post by reepromotions on Thu Aug 13, 2009 5:38 am

I dreamt I was walking around in the neighbourhood where I grew up. As I was looking around, the houses in the neighbourhood looked beautiful and plastered and some of the houses that used to be 4 rooms were extended. As I was walking, I saw lots of big and fresh carrots on the table. I remember digging the ground to get out more and I ended up having table full of big carrots and I was giving them out to people in the neighbourhood and my family.

pls interpret.
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Re: Lots of carrots

Post by One Door on Tue Sep 01, 2009 6:40 pm

I love how God has used carrots to communicate here. It brought a smile to my face.
When I was a child, the adults would always tell us children to be sure and eat plenty of carrots because they are good for the eye sight. Carrots have beta-caroltene (Vitamin A). It is a POWERFUL antiioxident. Beta-caroltene counteracts night blindness and weak eye sight. To make it short, also the end result of the purpose of the beta-caroltene is to produce new (cell) growth.
I believe "neighborhood" here represents your area of ministry. Our spirit is "housed" in our natural body. The extensions on these houses represent new (spiritual) growth. Night blindness has to do with darkness. The darkness is being lifted by the Word of God being spoken or by the work being done in His name, which the carrots represent. These "carrots" are allowing the people to see God more clearly; to see His Word more clearly. All I can say at this point is, "Keep passing out those carrots!"

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