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I had to hurry up and post this dream before I changed my mind. I dreamed that I was with Rachal McAdams and another chick who were in this very small apartment on the second floor (of a garage, of a tree-I don't know). There was a space heater, and a very old sofa and ottoman, and a twin bed. A very small stove and refrigerator, with a small color tv beside it. There was a kitchen counter, with two old barstools next to it. The other girl was sitting on a stool. I was sitting on the edge of the bed. The TV had cable, because the chick sitting on the barstool was flipping through the channels, and they were all clear. Rachal had honey blonde hair with lighter streaks. It was not a cute color though. Some of the honey looked almost sherbert orange and subtle pink?! So, there was a guy that the girl on the stool slept with. He had a major crush on her. They decided to make him sleep with her so that they could get entertainment at an event. There was a game later that day, everybody sat on the bleachers. They threw a few basketballs back and forth. There were announcements, and then they talked about the guy and the crush and how they tricked him, and laughed and laughed. The guy wasn't angry, but he did announce that the girl gave him a venereal disease. He went to get some help from a doctor who wasn't a doctor, and the doctor basically had the medicine, but kept changing the price from 30.00 to 40.00 to 50.00 dollars for the shot, and that the doctor basically could give the shot anywhere, but it would be less painful in the toosh. So basically, we went back to the apartment after the game, and we were talking, and I was just eyeing them both, because I was thinking how nasty and horrible this was that they would do this to some poor guy and think it was funny, and how loose that was. Ewww! I remember the girl that looked like Rachal, her dad climbed up and was talking to her through the front door. That was another thing. The place, being as small as a bedroom, maybe 11 by 13 feet had two doors opposite each other. I could see the sky out of the windows of the doors, and it was very very very cold in there. This is the third dream that I have had being in a place that had height that you have to climb to reach. In fact, in the dreams, I feel like there is solidness and nothingness under us.

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