Pregnant? Committing Crime?

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Pregnant? Committing Crime?

Post by lovelywomanofvirtue on Wed Aug 12, 2009 1:20 pm

Hi all, I recently had a strange dream. I was standing in the bathroom mirror, and i had my shirt up, and i was rubbing the dark line between my belly button and the bottom of my stomach. The weird thing was, the line was kinda rough, and scaly, along it, an di was just rubbing my finger up and down it. My boyfriend was standing next to me, and we were both looking in the mirror. I was just calmly rubbing it, and i looked at him, and he at me. No fear or was like, it just was....any insight?

Also, recently each woman in my family, (my mom, sisters, and me) have been having dreams about my sister in florida committing crimes, or having warrants, and most recently being in prison. She is not an offender, has never been in jail or anything. My mom said in her dream she had 11 warrants. One dream, my sister told me that we were killing people... what i don't know what all this could mean...any insight on this one?


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