2 dreams: A Raging Bull and Insects etc.

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2 dreams: A Raging Bull and Insects etc.

Post by redsongbird777 on Wed Aug 12, 2009 1:06 pm

As of late I have been having some very intense dreams . I have had some dream/visions that have come to pass, before. These 2 dreams are somewhat intense and disturbing. I am not sure what they signify any insight would be greatly appreciated…Thank you and God Bless!!

Dream 1

I had a dream a large monstrous, angry bull was trampling people. He would come out of nowhere and just run them over; killing and destroying everything he touches The bull was brown, fierce and very large( much larger then a regular sized bull). He would break through windows to get people and destroy everything in its’ path. I along with many others were hiding to prevent ourselves from being attacked. I could see people being mangled. When you would go outside he would just appear, attack and then disappear..

I find this dream strange for several reasons:

I work right on Wall Street in the financial district that is represented by the bull

There is even a statue of a large bronze bull (brown)

I know this may be self explanatory however I am unsure if this could represent a financial crash etc…or anything else

Thank you…

Dream 2

This dream was disturbing to me I was feeling nauseous and kept getting sick when I looked down there were maggots knats and flys that was coming up from my stomach

I know this is not pleasant imagery but any insight would be greatly appreciated as this dream really unsettled me. I also find it odd because I am actually taking much better care of my health…

Thanks and God bless J
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