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Post by Allsmiles on Mon Aug 10, 2009 8:43 am

The dream started off in a mall after hours (I assume because it was dark) I was trying to get away from these zombie like guys that were chasing me. I kept thinking if I just go up.. they couldnít catch me. So I ran up the stairs.. so many stares soon I realized I was covering more stairs quicker and quicker. I realized then that I was sort of floating up to the next set of stairs, I was watching the zombies catch lots of people and kept thinking, why donít they just go up like me.

While I am sort of floating up the stairs I hear lots of people, in the mall, talk about how the biggest zombie of them all is on his way in. Especially how he stands above the others and is taller than the others. Some were saying that if you had gotten past some of the smaller ones, there was no way to get past him.

Finally the big zombie comes in and he looks worse then everyone was describing. He is taller, paler, and noticeably stronger. All of a sudden the zombie starts looking for me. The people in the mall shout for me to go up higher; some yelled of hiding places as I went higher. While the smaller zombies kept shouting telling the big one where he could climb up the stairs to get me. He was big and ferocious, but I knew he couldnít get me because I was too high..

The next scene- I am outside on a winter day.. we were in a field covered with ice.. there was so much sun.. (just writing about it makes me feel warm) A bunch of my friends were doing flips in the air. There was a real jovial mood.. we were all laughing while we spun each other around .. It seemed to be in slow motion. (What does slow motion usually mean in dreams?)

Before we knew it the zombies were back running up the hill. One of my best friends and I, immediately grabbed on to each other and stated going up. We were going quickly.. and we were both a bit queasy from how fast and high were going up. Soon we were so high we couldnít see the aggressive zombies.. we both were praying in the spirit.. I started counting very quickly as if by counting I could gage how high we when up.. (no idea why)
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Re: Going up...

Post by Guest on Mon Aug 10, 2009 12:03 pm

You're untouchable, spiritually speaking! I believe the mall is a symbol for the world or market place. This dream seems to be showing you that the enemy has sent assignments against you, but they never touch you because you keep climbing higher in the Spirit. The Word of God says the Satan always comes to try and steal the word out of our hearts when it is sown (Mark chapter 4 parable). In this case, he sent assignments against you, but they have not been able to touch you because you continue to press into God and you keep climbing in the Spirit. In fact, you are growing at such a fast rate the enemy can't even keep up with you. I believe the "big zombie" is satan himself, and even he has tried to directly come against you, and has been unable to catch up with you. I feel like the scene on the ice in the sun is a scene of victory. Here you are in what could be a very slippery situation, and you're having fun and rejoicing. Also, there is so much light -- so much sun. That represents the presence of God, revelation of the Word, insight, etc. The scripture refers to God's word as a lamp or light (a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our pathway. Psalm 119:105.) I also believe the Lord is letting you know that the way you have been avoiding the enemy, is the way you will continue to avoid him -- continue to grow -- to climb the spiritual ladder --to go up, up, up and in the Spirit and in the things of God. For what has kept you up until now will continue to keep you going forward! What an encouraging dream! I don't have an answer for you on the slow motion. Perhaps someone else will.




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