aliens, kids almost tripping off 100 foot cliff

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aliens, kids almost tripping off 100 foot cliff

Post by usemeLord on Mon Aug 10, 2009 6:07 am

Apparently aliens had already come and left but were coming back. I wanted us all (my 5 children and me) to hide under this bed in the house. (not my house in real life but in dream I knew it was my house. I was wondering if they were heat seeking cause they would know where we were anywhere we hid.

Next thing I know we are outside the house and there is a gravel road beside this huge 100 foot cliff but right in front of our house it was a steep decline all the way down, I could see some sliding marks that went all the way down. I asked my husband about them, he said he slid all the way down to check it out. our house was on the corner and the road went aways with a whole row of houses. Our house is literally about 30 feet from this cliff. I was thinking this is not a good place for a house.

Next scene 3 of my kids are going around the corner of the cliff (the straight down part). My son Justin 12 jumped to this little ledge, about 3 feet down and almost tripped off the cliff. (he would have been dead if he fell off). I yelled for him to get away from cliff and get off that ledge. He gets off but my youngest girl 5 goes down there and almost trips then my youngest son 7 does the same thing. ALL OF THEM TRIPPING AND ALMOST FALLING OFF THE LEDGE. My husband gets mad and goes around the corner where they are and pulls them up, one of them by the heels and flips them up to the top of the cliff. I see him grab him by the heels and I say uh oh thats going to hurt. I woke up and my heart was doing those flips that you get when you are scared.

As background info. My husband was saved young (around 12) went to church as a kid (his parents literally dropped him off and went home) He does not go to church now, doesn't read the bible that I know of. I believe the aliens represent devil stuff = or sin. I am hoping that one of these days he will be the spiritual leader in our home. The three of these kids in the dream that almost fell to their death are more timid than the other two very confident outgoing kids. I pray for any insight you might be able to help with.

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