Raped/ a note/ a fine young man

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Raped/ a note/ a fine young man

Post by Rozes on Sun Aug 09, 2009 6:41 pm

I dreamt I was in a relationship with a drug man, a very controlling man.One day a lady came to the house.,.I was in another room so she didnt know i was there..He was talking to them in a hushed tone so i could hear so suddenly i came out and she was very shocked. so I said Hello to her while he went to another part of the house. she being afraid secretly and quickly wrote me a note and gave it to me with her number also and told me to call her anytime.

I slipped the note in my pocket and went off to a different place to read it without being seen by that man, while i was returning i was attacked and sexually molested by a group of men,I somehow manage to get away, I lost my note. but finally i young man came along and told me that he had secured the note some place,I retrieved the note..became so happy i just looked in his face and hugged him , i remember feeling quit secure with him, I dont remember opening the note yet tho.

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