I weidly got deceived (help)

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I weidly got deceived (help)

Post by ManOfGod17 on Sun Aug 09, 2009 2:38 pm

I had a dream,

I was on a coach, and bare
people was on a hype, & they where all screaming and rocking the bus, Katie
my sister was among those shouting for the bus to tip over. I was rebuking them
in the name of Jesus to no avail they continued, because there cheers were so
loud. We got off the coach & I remember looking around and seeing
everything very dizzy & I dropped to the floor, and when I dropped I had 2
visions, I cant remember what they actually of , but I could zoom in and out at
them, they where sign posts that had writing on them. Then I saw a woman who
said she was God, now that is how easy it can be to be deceived because I know
that God is a man yet this woman said she was and I believed, it didn’t cross
my mind. anyway we gave each other a hug, but I quickly pushed her away because
I thought that it could be satan trying to deceive me, and when I went to say
it she beat me to it, she said word for word everything I was about to say. I was
shocked I then believed because I only thought God could know your thoughts. She
gave me a hug, and she lifted me up, and we sat down & she asked me
something like “How are you serving?” I said not that good but I am trying and
she said something about the kingdom
of God like you need to
get to heaven. I asked her am I worthy? She said what you think & I said
yes. Also she said that she had a daughter & told me that she was an Evans
(my last name which just made it weirder)aswel & she said yes and told me her full name. I told her to come sit down
and talk then I went to het a notepad but I woke up
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