God is good

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God is good

Post by Mark Saint Gunn on Sun Aug 09, 2009 12:55 pm

I had a dream about a friend who was "possessed" or something to that matter. Anyways, I stayed up praying and wondering why God would show me such things. And, although the dream was symbolic, I thought certain thoughts.

If God is in control then he doesn't need me. But, that does not make me sad. For, God is including me by sharing with me when I should pray for my friends. This means that God includes and accepts me into his heart. This is better than God needing me because it means he wants me!

Furthermore, if a dream is truly from the evil one then the evil one is stupid. I believe this because, after reading this website, I will always have the weapon of prayer to use against all bad visions. And, if the evil one sends me a dream then he should know that prayer is on its way and that he'd better run before God gets to him! PRAISE GOD!

Praise be to God for including and accepting us into his life. He is truly a great God! What a marvelous gift he gives us to pray for the bad visions we receive. And, thank you to this website for giving me the understanding that I need to pray if I have bad visions for anything. Praise be to God!

Mark Saint Gunn
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Re: God is good

Post by Cholette on Sun Aug 09, 2009 3:01 pm

This is so beautiful Mark...so well written and I can feel your heart in this...I praise God for you and all that he is doing in your life!

Do not fight FOR victory, but fight FROM THE PLACE of victory. Jesus has ALREADY won the battle!

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