My weird blowing up dream & fighting

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My weird blowing up dream & fighting

Post by ManOfGod17 on Sun Aug 09, 2009 7:18 am

I had a dream and things started blowing up, I
remember I was in town in the middle of town and people were walking by, and
this just started blowing up, and I donít mean blowing up and remaining there
with dust and such I mean blew up and completely disappeared, but weirdly
nothing touched me or where I was standing I donít know if it was because Iím
saved, and I donít remember if I was standing alone. Absolutely everything blew
up except for me.

And then this light come out of nowhere, a brilliance
of light come, and I had never experienced a kind of light like this is was
incredible and it was so bright that it gave me a massive pain in my stomach it felt like it was tearing my
stomach apart, and then it was something like being in a room and something
like a demon or what I thought was a demon moving a towel from one side of the
room to the other and I remember being scared senseless and running away into
Sarahís (sister)room and my mom was in there aswel and we all stood up and
started to rebuke this thing what was moving the towel in my room, I was
shaking so bad my voice was trembling and we rebuked it, then I remember seeing
that it wasnít a demon it was a toaster moving it.

Then all I remember is Sarah my sister flew me somewhere and was shouting something
at Satan saying you will not have him you shall not catch him (me) or something
like that, and then said something like this letter is from God it shall always
be with him (me), then I remember I was on the top of a building looking down
at this man who seemed to be preaching about Satan and serving him I think, I
donít remember what he was saying, all I recall was him saying Lucifer, and
then I must of said no because we got into a fight but it seemed like a fight
that you would see in a computer game, and I think he killed me then I woke up.
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