"Will You Marry Me?"

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"Will You Marry Me?"

Post by Jubilee4Me on Fri Aug 07, 2009 12:32 pm

I was in front of my mother's house in the driveway and the impression of the dram was that I was dating this person. WHile I was outside, someone came up to me and held out a T-shirt that had "Will You Marry Me?" on the front of it. The feeling I had was..."It's about time", and I ran into the house with what seemed to be family members, to tell my mom and others. As I entered into her house, I looked diagnolly across the street to Miss A's house (my mom's real life neighbor). and it seemed that the guy who wanted to marry me family was over there and they were watching for my reaction of the T-Shirt.

I went into the house and old my mother about the t-shirt and she wasn't that excited. She congratulated me, but it was phony. I remember the guy being there in the house and I hugged him. He was the same height as me and I was overweight. It's like I saw myself that way in the mirror that hangs on the wall in my mothers family room. We went outside and it's like my Aunt C was there as well and my cousin W. When we walked out of the door, the conversation was about my cousin T not being comfortable about my Uncle being gone (he died last year).

When we got outside, we went to the side of the house and the guy who asked me to marry him was there and he was trying to open the gate. I remember feeling like I wanted to tell him how to open the gate by lifting it up (irl, the gate is tricky to open). My brother ended up opening the gate and a white dog named Butch (it seemed to be the fiance's dog) came out and I said "Butch go back!" The feeling was amazement that this dog would obey me like that and not only did he go back, he kept running all the way to the backyard. Then I came to the end of the driveway and was getting ready to aim and throw something down the street at a fence because I saw shadows of two dogs. As I was throwing, I felt some embarrassment as if I was doing it wrong and the fiance asked to show me how it's done. At this point, he had on a pair of speedo's like a diver and he ran down the driveway like he was diving into a pool and used the curb like a diving board and plopped in the gutter and went up in the air with percision and poise and landed on the grass on his bottom (it was like a good dive, but he landed on the grass). The scene switched to me and him on the ocean next to a ship. We were in the water and a lady who was impersonating Coris Leachman was in the water. (The End)

I know this is a lot of stuff, but could someone PLEASE help me?
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