blue and green lights

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blue and green lights

Post by ahjavier on Fri Aug 07, 2009 9:36 am

I have been torn between two men for the longest time and it eats me up
inside...this morning, I woke up a little too early. I prayed to God
(silently in my head) to give me a dream or a glimpse of the man I
should be with, and I closed my eyes. I had a little glimpse of the one
of the two men and he told me something but I forgot and in front of
him on a table was a box with two lights (looked like a traffic light)
-- one blue and one green.

What could that possibly mean?

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Re: blue and green lights

Post by Christa on Fri Aug 07, 2009 10:19 am

One color belongs in a traffic light (green), but one doesn't (blue). If this doesn't bear witness to your spirit, please disregard: Maybe God's giving you the green light on the guy that fits. If you came across a blue light at a traffic sign, what would you do? You wouldn't know what to do at a blue light. Nobody would. So, you would wait for the green light and go back to the old basic traffic rule "if a traffic light is out, yield to the person with the right of way." I would consider the blue light as a big risk actually. When traffic lights are out or not functioning properly, people kind of panic and accidents can happen. People sometimes forget the old rules at crossroads when the lights are screwed up. I think the man you saw at the table was the guy you're supposed to be with. You asked God specifically to show you "the man" you should be with. He showed you one man at the table. I believe that God showed you that this was "the man" you should be with. You just need to get passed that screw up intersection (emotional crossroads). Let go of the other guy...he's the blue light, so you probably wouldn't know where, when, or what to do with him anyway. Once you do that, all you have left is the green light (and you know what to do at a green light don't you? Go Go Go sister! Green is a go! Yeeyyy!) :) God bless you! Hope this helped in some way.

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