Please help me with this one so much imagery

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Please help me with this one so much imagery

Post by immortalservant on Thu Aug 06, 2009 6:06 pm

I was at my grandparents house. My husband and I were waiting for the mail. We were naked and our bodies were joined together somehow. The mail lady drove by and put the mail in the mail box, but we could not reach it. Then a windstorm blew the mail away. The mail was a reciept and a newspaper. The reciept flew in the corn field to my right and the newspaper landed in the yard where my grandpa was working and my son was playing. My husband was no longer with me and I was fully clothed. I went to get the newspaper but it started to rain. My grandma yelled from the porch for us to hurry inside. I got my son, grabbed his markers and drawing paper. I threw them in a toy shopping cart. I went to reach for the newspaper but it was not the right one. My grandpa said, "get in the house!" We got in and then the rain was over. Then I was looking for gym shorts to wear I asked an old friend from school if I could wear gym shorts to gym class. She said it would be ok. I put them on and a bandana around my head. I went to the edge of the driveway to wait on my mother-in-law, She picked me up on her motorcycle and we went to another old friend of mine's house. There were a lot of ppl there. My old friend came down flight of stairs and she did not recogonize me. She was wearing a purple satin dress. She looked thinner and taller. She had a little blonde girl with her she had a lazy eye. I saw a family portrait of her and 3 little girls but I was not sure if they were her daughters. I waved and tried to get her attention but she ignored me. Then she left. Her mom and my mother in law were having a conversation about their church and their small group ministry. We were all in the kitchen. I felt out of place. I started to adjust my bandana and couldn't get it quite right. I took it off then my mom in law said, "oh, you've been stung" I grabbed my forehead and felt blood then chunks of pineapple came out of my head I flung it in the yard.

any help would be sooooo appreciated
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