dreaming of same people?/another dream too.

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dreaming of same people?/another dream too.

Post by Delightful soul on Thu Aug 06, 2009 4:42 pm

I keep have reoccurring dreams where i dream of this couple I knew years ago..........in one dream the lady's husband ate a skunk?????

Just wondering if anyone could help me on this?

Also too I had a dream about a young school girl with really penetrating brown eyes who I acted like a mentor to.........it was like we were in a bustling foreign city and she had finished school for the day, I was showing her round to a bus stop to catch a school bus that wasn't too packed with school kids and we stopped at a cafe beforehand.

When I looked into her eyes I said something like a warning to her and then turned around and i suddenly became her and a lioness was standing near a post box. The lioness went for me and then I woke up!

Hope someone can help with this...........I know God can!

Bless you all! thumbs
Delightful soul
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Re: dreaming of same people?/another dream too.

Post by Palmira Gutierrez on Thu Aug 06, 2009 6:38 pm

About your recurring dreams, are you observing in these dreams, or are you interacting?

If you are only observing, perhaps you are being called to intercede for this couple.

Palmira Gutierrez
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