tunnel dream

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tunnel dream

Post by awesomegod16 on Thu Aug 06, 2009 5:51 am

This is a strange dream for me. It's very involved yet there is a lot to it:

It was dark. it really looked like a tunnel. and it also seemed to be or turn into my bedroom. and we used to have a dog named Daisy. She was in the dream. She had something stuck on her. I think it was a snake. I remember this man. He seemed nice. He was in this place that Looked like an office, but it was in this cave. He was putting up some posters on the wall. I was watching him do it but he did not know I was there. One poster that he put up was mine. He kept inquiring about it and he wanted to know whose it was. He didnt know me in the dream either or who I was. The poster of mine looked like a chart with symbols on it. Eventually I told the man what the poster was and he changed right before my eyes. and then there were these people with him and they were evil. then the dream changed into a dream within a dream where these people were devil worshipers. they had changed so fast because before they were nice people. i had to get away but i couldn't because i was trapped. and i kept seeing an opening that led to this underground place. it looked like a stone opening and the opening was big. then mysteriously my friend Judy appeared in the dream and i told her about the man and the others. and when i told her it caused her to be in danger also. i left to go someplace ( out of the cave i suppose) and the place i went was my old neighborhood in new york. i saw my brother Shaun there. he was still five years old and he was playing among other children. i woke up very afraid for my friend judy's life and fear of those people.

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