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Post by HisLightbeam on Wed Aug 05, 2009 12:07 pm

What an unorthodox dream. Actually a series of dreams. The first part of the dream was about a young lady who worked in a stable, and in the office of the stable. She really loved horses. She kept her hair in a long ponytail, and it was dark brown, but by the end of the dream, it was blonde. I don't know why. She wore a dark vest over a flashy white shirt, some jodpurs, and some boots. The office was actually an airconditioned office that was situated in the stable. Some men came one night and tried to burn the stable by pouring gasoline all over one little area near her office. She was in there sleeping. The flames went over a portion of her legs and arms, and some of her hair, but she got out and put the flames out. The stable kept burning, but she saved a mare and her foal, which was the horse that the men were trying to kill. All the other horses died.

Then I was dreaming about a wolf who was fighting this bird-like creature that could run on the ground and fly. It had feathers and leather. It was red, with a big ole beak. It was pretending to be hurt, so that it could trap the wolf into going down in this ravine where this other creature was, and this other creature was gray and green, the way moss is sometimes, but darker. The dark creature caught the wolf, just as the wolf leaped into the ravine to kill the bird thing. Then help came and picked the wolf out of danger. They were all talking. The wolf was like, "I almost had it." And then the lady who pulled him out said, "no you didn't. They were going to kill you."

Then I was dreaming about my ex who I dated in college for years. He had on a turtle neck light gray sweater, and a light brown courdoroy jacket. He had several lady friends with him. This dream was almost like, no, it was like I was watching him on cinema, like one of those old projectors with reel in it. He picked up this old guitar, and began to play it. I noticed that it only had one string, but he was able to play a beautiful song on it. I was pessimistic about him, and I was wondering how he could have changed himself into this charmer. I thought, is he now off drugs? I was just watching to see what he would do next. lol!

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