I saw things in real life that I dreamt of.......pls if someone could enlighten me :)

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I saw things in real life that I dreamt of.......pls if someone could enlighten me :)

Post by angelwingz on Fri Sep 12, 2008 8:30 am

I was in a building with brick walls in which two of them got knocked down....this "housing" was still livable. I saw a spanish girl in just a metal frame of her car(i perceived to be one particular friend) she was behind the wheel but the car had nothing but a frame. I saw a young child sleeping upright on a white pillow in the back seat then in front of the car i saw a bronzed buffalo/bison and then spanish men moved it to the left of me out of my way. I was on a swing care free as could be....swinging back and fourth, (also in the building)then there was a mention of my brother in the dream......i didn't see him he just came to mind and immediately after that i saw a friend of my brothers (whom i have never met before, i just knew it was my brothers friend) I realized i was sitting at long rectangular table with a light shining down and i was talking to my brothers friend and as i am saying oh my God you look just like my dad,(who died suddenly 4 yrs ago) he turned into my dad and i zoomed in on the most beautiful blue eyes that held much concern for me, i gasped and woke up. That was the end of the dream. in my waking life.....i experienced something that almost knocked me off of my feet. My brother was coming over that night to install a floor and he brought a friend ...when i was introduced and we shook hands i just about jumped out of my skin because it was the same person from my dream whom i have never met before. So later that night i was on my way to bible study at church and i arrived way early because i just needed peace and clarity while i was walking down a path i saw for the first time the church had a bronze statue of Jesus holding out His hand. I had some kind of realization and knew in my soul somehow this was connected to my dream(the bronze statue) when i got home from church i helped my husband put together some stools and we were in my kitchen and he turned on the wrong lights(we dont use them because they are blinding!) and it was then that I realized that also was connected to my dream...the long rectangular table with a light shining above me. I just want to understand this dream i believe it will help me with what i am going through!

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