his hair changed color & sleeping on the floor???

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his hair changed color & sleeping on the floor???

Post by sweetdream on Mon Aug 03, 2009 3:12 pm

oh wierd this one was lol!

I guess my daughter and I are sleeping over for some wierd reason at a friends house (not close friends) on the floor??? in one part there is i think something looking inside like a dark haired fairy man??? I don't think I want him to see my daughter and I. I think there is is a question asked who asked it the fairy man I don't know, something like where do you go when you die. I responded with some scripture and said something like you go to a place(may have said temporary place not sure?? seems wierd) and wait for the one who was and is and is to come. so my daughter and I are sleeping on the floor and the wife and the husband a little ways away. then the wife of the couple who are not divorced but not living together in real life has this really really loud music on so loud you would normally have to shout over to hear conversation and somehow my daughter tells me she can't sleep with that on. then i have the music player I guess is an ipod and I believe I have the light on and I'm cleaning wax off the ear phone buds and I know she is waiting for me to turn on the music & i don't want to. she gets mad and says she's leaving and her husband is trying to get her to stay and and she's blaming us for leaving & my daughter i think tells her something very mather of fact like, but she is saying something to her and the wife is saying something to her husband about her. so she leaves and I tell him we'd better leave i'm talking to him across from a counter like when you buy something (??) and he's yelling about he let us stay and something where he is blaming us for causing the wife to leave and I'm just tell him your right to appease him and I'm sorry, telling him my daughter has AD&D hoping he would understand her talking to the wife (only in the dream she wasn't rude, but very truthful) and the wife would know and not be upset anymore. one of their adult children tell me something when I think i'm looking for my keys and I try my best to respond with a big smile I think I say okay I know thank you. Then my daughter and I begin to leave, but I don't see the husband I thought he was walking us to the door, so we go back and he is wearing dress shorts with a suit jacket (???) and he doesn't look like the husband really anymore I'm not sure that he did I don't remember his face when talking to him in the dream and his white hair is black/brown and we just say bye and wave because I realize he isn't walking us out and we leave passing his adult son who is talking to someone and leave.
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