A school and Johnny Depp

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A school and Johnny Depp

Post by Desiree (Starpop) on Tue Jul 28, 2009 8:18 pm

Me, my ex, his ex girlfriend, and his best friend were all attending the same school (the school had a dark/old scenery to it yet reminded me of my elementary school). I remember that my ex and his best friend had been "conversing" about me but don't know what about. :huh:

I remember Jonny Depp (which by the way happens to be a favorite actor of mine and kinda cute lol! ) was walking through the hallways. I had on a blue bubble jacket that was dirty in the front and khaki colored workboots that were also dirty. Johnny walked up to me and hugged me close as we started walking together. He was telling me how I should try a "new haircut" and how it would make me look "voila" and "amazing" etc (I think just trying to make conversation/flirt etc. (In the dream, he had suggested the first cut that I had, so he thought a new one would be even better and turn mucho heads laugh ) :huh: I tried to remain "mum" because I don't think my breath was fresh so I kept my mouth closed instead. In the midst of our talking, A man that was behind him had called his name; I turned my head slightly towards the voice. Johnny said, "who is that? I don't know you man!" The man had shot him in the back! I saw Johnny's head go back and him gasp for air. I tried to hold him up with my arm as our chests met. The man tried to bring his arm over to the front to shoot me in my stomach--I held the barrel and he shot my hand instead. I tried to drop down as if I were dead so the man wouldn't try to shoot again.
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