Help needed with shoes!!!

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Help needed with shoes!!!

Post by nubava on Tue Jul 28, 2009 7:35 pm

Could you help me, please.

I was in a
big concert hall. There was a woman on the stage, she was preaching. I had
never been in that hall before, I didnít know people around, and the woman on
the stage, I could not see her face and what she wore. I only saw that she was
skinny. Later she wanted to illustrate something from her message and asked
people for their shoes, I gave mine and after me a crowd came forward and put
their shoes on the stage, there were also boots with fur, etc. The she started
to say something like this: ďI asked for your shoes, and you gave it easily, do
you know that Jesus gave His life for us without us asking Him to do so. Do you
understand the He can do for you everything you ask forĒ. Then she gave my
sneakers back and said Mrs. something, I donít remember what the second part
was, it was either my name or an unknown surname, not mine. I thought this was weird
as I am not married, may be she meant my mom.

Then I
started to look for my classmate, I was sure he was in the other end of the
hall but couldnít find him. I thought may be he went to count the money after
tithing. I havenít seen my classmate since the elementary school. But during the school years I had a cruch on him. I donít think
he goes to church. Then people were looking at me and smiling.

What is interesting
my sneakers were brand new. However, in my real life, I donít have any sneakers
but I want to buy a new pair. And I donít wear them and I wouldnít put them on
in the church.

One more thing the preacher mentioned during my dream that when they (I don't know who) where invited for a fellowship with a group they were told that it will last an hour and there will be a lunchbreak. But later they were told that the fellowship will last for 10 hours and with lunch break every single hour and they were surprised how they were going to eat so much but they found it to be fun. I am trying to understand do number 1 and 10 mean sth here as this part of the dream does not make any sense to me.


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Re: Help needed with shoes!!!

Post by daphanie02 on Tue Feb 16, 2010 3:19 pm

often shoes represent a relationship. maybe the Lord is telling you He will provide you with your "soul mate" if you just ask Him :)

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