Dream: Rib Airplane

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Dream: Rib Airplane

Post by crystal7 on Tue Jul 28, 2009 3:43 pm


I saw that the rest of my family had ribs to eat, but when I came in I didnít have any. My dad offered me one of his ribs, but my brother took it from his hands and started eating it; I was standing there like hellooo, did you not hear him say this was for me, but figured still that it was partially my fault that he took it upon himself to take the rib since I paused for a few seconds after my dad offered (b/c I was thinking to myselfÖI would really like a whole rib dinner to myself instead of just one rib). I was really mad w/ my brother as I watched him eating my rib. I headed out to seek my own meal, but I think that I just chose not to leave; however, when I tried pulling the SUV back into the garage, it was difficult to park it in there, not sure why. I donít remember what happened in after/between this, but I remember soon being on an airplane.


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Re: Dream: Rib Airplane

Post by Guest on Mon Aug 03, 2009 8:57 am

Hello Crystal! Do you feel as though your brothers/sisters in the Lord are receiving their answers from God, and you are not? In the dream you walked in and saw everyone eating, and you were not. Then your dad, which I believe could symbolize God the Father, offered to give you one of his ribs, but your brother took it before you could respond. The meat I believe is symbolic for the Word of God, or answers from the Lord. Scripturally meat is a reference for God's word. Is there something that seems to be a partial answer to prayer, or a step towards the answer, and yet you don't feel that it is enough? So you go out on your own to seek the answer, and can't find one, so you come back to seek God again regarding the situation/s, however you seem to be having a difficulty connecting???? I feel that the difficulty parking the car in the garage has to do with this difficulty connection. The plane is a good symbol. I feel like that's soaring in the Spirit. That is the best place to be when you're seeking answers from the Lord. It seems as though you are experiencing some frustration in your spiritual walk right now like everyone is "getting theirs", and you don't seem to be. Does that hit home anywhere? Whatever witnesses to your heart would be the correct interpretation. These are just some thoughts, so let us know what you think.




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