dream last nite after much prayers

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dream last nite after much prayers

Post by princessdelia on Mon Jul 27, 2009 10:39 am

Dreamt about a woman who had 2 kids who worked hard and her kids followed her to school one day cos they loved their mom so much and missed her so much cos they didnt see much of her.she was surprised to see them@ her school where she worked& lost the attentions of a man who was interested in her cos he didnt know she had kids& had no interest in being with a woman with 2 kids.
She had 2 kids- a boy& a girl. I was with some women when i met her son he was the mayor or some position of authority in the place where we were. He talked to me politely and respectfully. I was doing lab work and guiding ppl in that capacity. Some women i worked with and i were getting ready to leave. But we were in a room waiting. I was looking for music to listen to. Kept looking4 my nas music- esp the track where he says i want to talk to the mayor. We discussed music and the mayor joined our convo. Somehow he saw how tense& stressed i was.he offered to help me and massaged my back. And he did. He did a good job relaxing me. We spoke a lot and he told me about his mother. Growing up. Found out he was 10 yrs younger than me but he didnt care. He was interested in me as his woman.
He was very mature4 his age. I complimented him on that.he was 22 but u'd never know due to how he carried himself& spoke. I told him i was 32.
He said he had been watching and listening to me4 a long time. That he was drawn to me4 a long time.

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