strange dream of being captive

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strange dream of being captive

Post by awesomegod16 on Sat Jul 25, 2009 5:20 am

had this dream where this man was taking people captive or to be slaves. and i know that in the dream i didnt have any choice or i wasnt strong enough to not be taken by this man. i dont know who the man was . and i think he was picking and choosing people too. and he had us put on different tops. i had to put on this blue sweater that looked like a turtle neck. i know it was blue. and then this man put his hand on my breast. he just left it there for some reason. but i got the sense from the dream that this is not where i wanted to be and i couldnt get out. my sister was in the dream but she was just standing there. and this bible teacher was in the dream also. and also in the dream i was at church or near church but doing this job of cleaning paint off the walls. i was using this thing and scraping paint. i was in this car by myself or someplace where it looked confined. i think it was part of what this man wanted me to do but it was at church. and there were other people around but this time, i realized i didnt have a top on, and i was exposed. but when i was doing this work i didnt worry about it until there were other people around, younger people showed up so i was trying in the dream to put on my blouse that i had. i remember trying really fast to put it on.

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