pleasant suprises!

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pleasant suprises!

Post by Desiree (Starpop) on Fri Jul 24, 2009 8:33 pm

I was in a room with all of my siblings and I remember being at the computer/television watching a TBN program. I wanted one sibling to see the video to this song: "stay saved" by Canton Jones (about how to remain Godly in "ungodly" situations!) Everytime I tried to type in the search bar for his name/song, I would type in the wrong name (I don't know why) and nothing came up for the song either (which I felt was strange). Then I began singing the lead verse to the song by Kim Burrell "have faith in me" (about true faith in God despite the circumstances, etc). I was shocked/impressed to find the rest of my siblings joining in in harmony and with the right chorus (I didn't even know they knew the song like they did!!lol) we continued to sing the song together until this one girl (that I've been encouraging from my home church IRL) came over to my house unexpectantly (she had on a blue dress shirt and blue jean skirt) wanting a ride to church. She was waiting for my father to get there to take her. IRL, she no longer attends the home church (For personal reasons) and I've encouraged her to not feel badly and to do what she needs to do in God. I believe that she is desiring to move back soon to her hometown for a better job and security/ I've been praying for her in that area. My mother in the dream was so disappointed (and showed her frustrations) at the number of young people getting pregnant at my home church (IRL, a lot of young people have had babies at that assembly and its disheartening that they haven't gotten the proper education on love/sex within the church. I think its a taboo topic among the leadership there!)

Interesting, I wonder what this could mean?

Desiree (Starpop)
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