Difference between dreams and prophecy?

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Difference between dreams and prophecy?

Post by Jen on Wed Sep 10, 2008 7:33 am

I was raised in Baptist churches. These dreams have really thrown me for a loop! Due to my conservative background, I really have no one to ask about these things. I feel like a fish out of water. Can someone tell me the difference between just having dreams and prophesying. My dreams are mostly about me and my family. The are often parable like and sometimes fortell the future. I have also had dreams about others. Second I want to know what sort of churches openly believe in dreams and prophecy. I've often heard the term charismatic referring to what I think may be these types of churches. Are they completely different in beliefs to Baptist? Would I really be freaked out by going to a service the first time? LOL Don't want to offend anyone, its just new to me. Funny how "open" I am to ideas now.. before the dreams I had put God into a neat little box. He's really surprised me though and now I feel like I cannot afford to doubt anything "because with God ALL things are possible!"
I would really appreciate soemone filling me in on these things.
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Re: Difference between dreams and prophecy?

Post by Mia Sherwood on Thu Sep 18, 2008 8:09 pm

Hello Jen,

You might just freak out but then again you might not. I think you'd be surprised at how normal it is to be honest. :LOL: :)

Have you read what I wrote on the website about prophesying through dreams and visions?

Not all charasmatic churches believe in giving much thought to dreams and visions. Charasmatic are different in that they believe in the gifts of the spirit are still in operation today. That is prophecy, healings, etc.

Dreams can be prophetic, which means prophesying events to come or they may be just your mind's activity while your body sleeps.


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