Strange dream:HELP!!

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Strange dream:HELP!!

Post by Boscoe Jenkins on Fri Jul 24, 2009 3:49 pm

I had this dream this morning & i found it extremely disturbing.

I'm not sure why i've been having such violent dreams. I live with my mother & I was at home as usual & my brothers friend was over coming into the house & he was in the hall way i looked at him & i was angry idk why I juat felt angry. His left arm was ripped from his body, then the other arm, then his legs, & lastly his head was pulled off. I was doing it but I was'nt touching him. There was blood on the walls & the ceiling. there was another person who came over it was a caucasion woman with blonde hair & blue eyes & the same thing happend but this time her body was placed in my bed with the covers pulled over her i was hiding it & i dont know why. My friend dione came by she was in town doing something for her school & she needed somewhere to stay so she stayed with me. I was afraid because I did'nt want her to be hurt like everyone. She came to my house & was about to go to sleep I did'nt want her to sleep in my bed because i was afraid she would see the body when she pulled back the covers the body was gone the blankets & sheets were clean nothing was there. I felt like I was gonna hurt her when i looked at dione she was gone which was a relief for me.....Then the dream changes. I'm on a bridge & a freeway is above me i can see the pilars that are holding the freeway up(i think that's what there called) Its raining badly outside & the streets flooding. I was walking & there were other people walking. I hear this noise that sounds like twisting metal I look up & there's this diesel truck that fell off the freeway & broke the pilars & the freeway above us fell. when it landed it broke the street & it sunk into an ocean under us. The impact triggered a giant wave & we started running. Cars, & people were being swept up. we almost drowned but we ended up washing up into a city. I got up & ran to this ministers house he needed me to watch his home while he was away. The inside of the house was really small & well lit. there was a bed across the room was the kitchen & to the right was a desk with a bunch of papers stacked ontop. I could see & hear the water leaving the house it was'nt flooded too bad. The pastor came home we talked a while. He had a nice reputation but there was something about him that I did'nt like. There was this woman who wanted to be with him but he was'nt interested in her. The woman was upset & she started saying things about him like, he was a cheater, & some other things. My mother was there & she was saying the same thing. basicly, this man was'nt who he appeared to be....the dream ended in the middle of their arguement.....I'm praying that someone can help me understand what it is that i'm seeing I was very disturbed by this dream...
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