Complicated real estate dream.

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Complicated real estate dream.

Post by HisLightbeam on Wed Jul 22, 2009 11:12 am

I dreamed that I was living in this house, which was not fabulous, really. It had two stories. The kitchen and my bedroom were on the first floor, and the bathroom was on the second floor. It was constructed of railroad ties, and warped bricks. It was set off in some woods. No one was staying there, so I decided to camp there. I didn't actually rent it. I just camped there. I planted flowers, and azalea bushes. The flowers were little white lillies. I went to town and met with the man who owned the house. A lady told me that he was not in, but he really was. He wanted to see me once I explained to him that I was living in his house and wanted to make restitution for staying there free. But I wanted him to know I would like to stay there a little longer. The house was not the best house, but I had made it home. Anyway, he exploded in anger and told me to get out, out of the office, out of the house, and that he was suing me for living there rent free. While he was yelling (he was really an attractive-looking man, with blond-gray hair, and a white suit with the tiny close together buttons), someone shot him with a small gun, possibly a .25 caliber. Then laid it in his hand with a white handkerchief. He had some insurance papers in his left hand. The gun was laid in his right hand. I ran out of the office. I could see the blood spreading and staining his suit jacket and the small black entrance hole. The police got there quickly. I wasn't out of his office door good, when an officer stopped me, and he had on this heavy overcoat, like people wear in NY, was in full gear, and he did not arrest me. But he got my statement on what happened, like it was not a big deal about the guy being shot. While we were talking, dude got up and his wife came into the office. She was very nice to me, and we talked about the house. It came to my mind, that the dude was trying to possibly run a life insurance scam, and was trying to fake his death, but I messed that up coming in to talk about the house. The wife wasn't apart of it. The man started saying that he had to go to Europe, but that I had better be gone when he got back. I went back to my house, but when I got there, someone else had already transplanted my lillies, and had taken handfuls of the azalea trees and put them in jars of clear water. I was upset. Then the wife came over and she was still nice, but I was ready for her to go and did not want to be upset anymore, because it seemed a mute point. I thought to myself, God must be allowing this. Then that was the whole dream. I was like, this is for the best, because, I was tired of climbing up the stairs several times a day just to go to the bathroom. The stairs was just a ladder.

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