REPOSTED: A shooting, superman, & numbers 3,6,9,12,13

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REPOSTED: A shooting, superman, & numbers 3,6,9,12,13

Post by Boscoe Jenkins on Tue 21 Jul 2009 - 1:50

Blessings everyone, ☕

I had this dream a few days ago & I only remember a few things about it I'm posting uo what I remeber. i was standing in this ball room & it was dark. My friend james was sitting in a golf cart with this kid next to him. He looked around 12 years old It was his brother. At first it did'nt make sense because his parents only have 2 children. Its him & his older brother so i'm guessing his parents had another child or something. There was something wrong with this kid though James did'nt say what it was but I could hear it in his mind. His younger brother had a mental illness schitzophenia & autism his thoughts were jumbled up his mind could'nt focus on one thing for too long. I was walking from them & I heard james say my name I looked back at him & there was a figure pointing a gun at his face & pulled the trigger. when I got to him he was fine but his brother got shot in the neck & there was no way to stop the bleeding. he was leaning against james & talking as if nothing happend & then he just stopped talking he died with a smile on his face. Then the dream changed Clark Kent was in my dream wearing a business suit he was trying to leave because there was this woman harassing him & trying to reveal his true idenity that he was superman. everyone was watching them she almost got the suit off but I woke up. when I went back to sleep someone was talking about Michael Jackson (He has showed up in my dreams often since he passed. i think i'm having a hard time with his death because i was such a big fan & he was an incredible person...gotta work on that) There were these dates being told to me about things he did I kept hearing the numbers 3,6,9,12,13 I heard those numbers twice & I dont know what they mean. There was a part when someone talked about him & his father going fishing. Michael looked around 17 maybe 18 years old because he still had his afro & he looked nervous I woke up after this... praying
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