CLUSTER DREAM - I need help peeps...even if you're new to this forum ok. Please reply :)

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CLUSTER DREAM - I need help peeps...even if you're new to this forum ok. Please reply :)

Post by Christa on Sun Jul 19, 2009 10:37 am

I had a cluster last night.....dreamt 5 wore me out, I don't have the energy to even look this up! Please respond, I'm not going to look this one up this time. Any and all inquiries are welcomed. Especially from you newbies that have been afraid to post.....come on, take a stab at these. You are well received....I speak that over your lives in Jesus' name. God bless you all.

1- I was sitting in the White House with former President George W Bush. Him, I, and a few elementary school children were watching TV together. GWB tried to tell the kids something, but they were being kids and not listening. I told them, "THE PRESIDENT IS TALKING TO YOU, YOU NEED TO LISTEN." GWB got up to walk away because nobody was listening to him, but the kids at the last minute decided to hear what he was trying to teach them. It was something about "communists."

2- I worked somewhere that I didn't really like...warehouse or store I believe. I didn't punch in or out on time because I was always slow to get to the timeclock. I took too long of a lunch and my boss told me I was in danger of being fired if I didn't start being on time. (IRL I'm quitting my job, my last day was Friday).

3- Some big, tall, tan guy was feeling me up (sorry to be blunt). I was uncomfortable when he touched my behind, but I didn't stop him. I was embarassed because I'm uncomfortable with my big arse, but I still let him touch it. He then started moving his hand further in and I hopped away and told him to stop. lol !!!!!
:fishwhack::stop:<-----I've been wanting to use these icons for a while now.

4- I was in some sort of a group meeting where there were really beautiful people, singles coupled up talking to each other. I felt a little out of place maybe. The setting was in a kid classroom. I sat near this couple that had a baby (don't know how old...don't even remember the baby's face). I talked to the mother for a little bit.

5- There was this guy that I was falling in love with. He was 50 years old (17 years older than me), but he looked younger than me. He kinda looked like my ex-husband. This guy needed to brush his teeth, not that they were yellow or smelly, but I could see that he needed to brush his teeth. He told me where he was from and it was a tiny little country near Germany. I forgot the name of the country, I don't even know if it exists, but I was "wowed" that he was from there. I was very much in love with him, but he didn't want to kiss me until I was over my sickness (IRL I had a bout of the 24 hour flu this week). I was like, "are you serious?" I didn't want to wait, but I understood. IRL, I'm so grossed out about kissing anyone with smelly breath, dirty teeth. I don't care how fine a guy is, I won't kiss a nasty mouth. My husband has a mouthful of problems. One of his teeth in the back is literally black right now. If I could get him to get all of his teeth pulled, I would. I can't stand his mouth. I make him kiss me on the cheek, or just closed mouth kisses. My ex-husband was the same way, his teeth were in good condition, but his breath smelled like dog doo most of the time. He would go days without brushing his teeth. SO GROSS!!
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