A brewing storm

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A brewing storm

Post by adam21 on Sat Jul 18, 2009 9:01 pm

i live in Macon, GA. One day I had a dream about a tornado that I just wanted to share.
I was in my house and the weather was calm and blue skies, but still something didn't seem right to me. I checked on the weather channel{in my dream} and it posted a tornado watch. I was a little unnerved but didn't think much of it. A few hours had passed in my dream and I was n my livingroom when i had the urge to look outside and I thught to myself, " there's not going to be any bad weather". Well, as I looked outside I noticed clouds building on the horizon and I became uneasy. later the clouds grew darker still and a warning appeared on the screen. Now we have a line of trees in our back yard, but it was as if I had a clear view of where it was coming from. I think one of my parents was there and the other was out doing errands, but I didn;t see them in my dream. The sky became dark and the trees started to blow and i panicked. I took my bedspread off of my bed and placed in the bathtub to take shelter in. The wind grew fiercer and i was still believing that the tornado was not going to hit our house. I got on the phone and called my uncle to try and calm my narves, but then I saw the funnel coming. It got closer and closer and I said something like. "oh my gosh its gonna hit the house". And as I took shelter into my bathroom, the house started creaking, and that part of the dream ended. In a later dream that I had that might go along with this one, I dreamed that a tornado was making a line straight for our neighborhood and it came through, but when i opened my eyes, one side of the street was damaged quite bad and so was other parts of our street, but the area around our property sustained minimal damage save for dozens of trees that had been knocked down. I remember thanking god because in the dream I knew that no one had been injured.

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Re: A brewing storm

Post by usemeLord on Sun Jul 19, 2009 6:16 am

Some tornado dreams are storms of life, hopefully this is not literal dream. I would suggest to pray and ask God to calm the storms of life as well as keep all literal storms away from your neighborhood.

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