leaving a castle in all white.....

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leaving a castle in all white.....

Post by shaymcc on Fri Jul 17, 2009 12:55 am

(theres 3 parts to this dream) In this dream i was leaving a castle in white slacks and a white shirt. It was a lady walking in front of me with a little girl, she smiled and me, i smiles back and she started saying sh*** hagi, sh*** hagi, sh*** hagi, as if she was singing a nursery rhyme..(the s***is my first name) i was wondering why is this little girl calling me this and her mother turned and apologized, she stated that she lets her watch to much tv. so i walked out of the castle and was on the draw bridge, i could see another draw bridge at the other end of the castle that was up on flames, and i could hear people screaming and fighting. I was at peace i just kept walking..part 2, i was driving the car and my best friend was on the passenger side and i pulled up at a building, she said dont you want to go in and talk to them..I looked at the sign and it said PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR, the first name began with a T and the last name was magi (i remember that because it rhymed w/ the name the little girl said) I told my frien no and was thinking why would i want to see a priate investigator?, I DONT EVEN HAVE A MAN! part 3, i was in a house in white pjs, (shorts and top), the house was not mine, it had hardwood floors, i was in my nephews room cleaning up, he had clothes everywhere, i dont remember what the ex was saying,, i just kept picking up clothes.

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Re: leaving a castle in all white.....

Post by Christa on Fri Jul 17, 2009 11:14 pm

I'm sorry, I don't have an interpretation for your dream, but I'm in awe right now after reading your dream and looking at your profile information.

How weird is this--> When I was a little girl, I lived in Texas. I went to a little Christian school and they always sat me next to this kid Joel because we were the closest in age. We got to be good friends for a 6 and an 8 year old. His dad was a construction worker and built them a house that looked like a castle, it was really cool and we all admired it. My dad would always drive by that house and point out that that was Joel's castle. One day, out of nowhere, the house just burned to the ground...destroyed everything. Joel and his family moved to Florida after that. It was so sad to drive by that house. Some years later, my family moved to California. I was around 13 at the time then. One day my mom was in K-mart and she heard another woman say her name. She looked around and it was Joel's mother!!!!!!!!!!!! I became good friends with Joel's mom some years after that and actually, I hung out with her today!!!!! We talked about the castle and everything.....Today!

Also, I have a friend, that I'm estranged from now, who lived in Texas once (her grandparents still do), her name is now Shay Marie and she's 33. So, honestly I'm a little freaked out right now!
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