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Post by HisLightbeam on Sun Jul 12, 2009 10:42 am

The other night I dreamed that I was this girl who was riding with my IRL niece in a car. My niece was so happy to be driving. She was following my nephew who was walking to God knows where, before he had to be at his job. IRL, he is not yet 16, and does not have a job. He just goes to school. so, in the dream, both of us were excited to follow him and see where he goes. He went to this duplex-like home, and this lady opened the door for him, then for all of us, and she had these nice shirts of the design that I have never seen before. In my mind, I was like "I wonder why I never thought of that". The way to her house had all kinds of bushs and shrubbery. My nephew kept trying to dodge us, so that we would not know where he was going. There were sloped driveways, and partition walls made of 2ft by 2ft stone blocks. Kind of like the design of a brick wall, only bigger and creamy biege colored. I saw some industrial buildings, not a lot. In the dream, the girl who I was had on a mcdonald's short, and I saw the name tag, but not the name. The whole dream was kind of teenie boppish, which is why I did not believe I was the person. Also, the chest area was smaller, whereas I have been exceptionallly blessed. LOL. thumbs Then I woke up.

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