A Little Yellow snake hanging on a clothes hanger

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A Little Yellow snake hanging on a clothes hanger

Post by HisLightbeam on Tue Jul 07, 2009 9:18 am

Hi, all. I hope and pray everyone had a great Fourth of July weekend! I wanted to relay this dream that started out with me being in my mom's house. I looked up, and I was looking at a vent in the ceiling that had a grill covering, but there was a portion inside of the vent that was missing, so that a small yellow snake came through. It was dark yellow with bright yellow spots. I had a clothes hanger hanging on the vent, like how you hang a shirt in the winter when you don't want to put a single shirt in the dryer, but you need to dry it kind of quickly. So, the snake wound itself in the clothes hanger, and was just hanging there. I screamed for my mom--I was at the same time thinking that I could handle it, but I wanted her to come and get it. Her friend was a shadow in the background. I knew he was there, but not really visible. I could see the snake curling his tail around and around. I looked down, and there was my niece reaching up for it. IRL, the next day she was being rebellious with me, and I ended up disciplining her. She has been acting out alot lately.

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