friend's daughter dreams of a drowning

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friend's daughter dreams of a drowning

Post by awesomegod16 on Sun Jul 05, 2009 9:01 am

Our friend's daughter had this dream last night. It concerns me and my friend Judy.
In the dream there was a hurricane at Judy's house. It flooded her home where she was sleeping with her sleep mask on. Because she had her sleep mask on (she has sleep apnea(, she didnt hear the flood waters). The water from the flood was so strong it broke the door open and she drowned. She saw me as I was washed outside the house sliding to the side of the street. Then she said the dream rewinded itself, went backwards and her brother Gustavo was in the dream. He was trying to save Judy before these things happened but Judy told him in the dream, " It's the Lord's will. You can't changed things". Then she disappears.

This girl was extremely upset when she woke up and she was crying. Brenda is a young girl about 19 years old. I do not know if she is a believer yet but she has dreams all the time. I told her I would write it here and see if anyone can tell her what it means.
The interesting thing is she told me exactly what I was wearing as far as pajamas because I wear them in real life so she saw accurately what I was wearing, a gray shirt and blue shorts.

Please, if anyone has any insight it would be appreciated. This girl is still shaken up from the dream. She woke up crying.

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Re: friend's daughter dreams of a drowning

Post by usemeLord on Sun Jul 05, 2009 11:56 am

I pray for the peace of Jesus to be in all the lives of the dreamer and the dreamed of one. I pray your will be done and your glory be seen in their lives. I ask you Father to bless them in Jesus name.

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