Little Girl / My Pastor / My Mother / Robert Deniro Look-Alike

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Little Girl / My Pastor / My Mother / Robert Deniro Look-Alike

Post by Christa on Fri Jul 03, 2009 10:03 am

I had this dream last night that I was out of town and my mom came to pick me up in my husband's old pick-up truck (FYI-My husband and I are separated right now). I met these two guys when I was out of town and they needed a ride, so my mom gave them a ride too. We arrived at my mom's house (where I live now). Then, in a blink, me, my mom, my pastor, and the two guys (one of them looked like Robert Deniro with long scraggly hair) were in the front yard. I was actually on the grass, my mom and my pastor were on the driveway, and the two guys were on the sidewalk. The two guys were very close to each other and they were confessing to my pastor. The Robert Deniro look-alike said, "do you see that pink and brown house over there, that's where I live." Then he proceeded to tell us that he would send his young 4 year old daughter over to the house next door to wait for the men. A man would rape her on a daily basis. One of the rapists was the other guy that was standing close to the Robert Deniro look-alike and he confessed that to my pastor as well. In a flash, I was in the pink and brown house and I was looking at that little girl (who was naked) sitting on the couch. She was bragging about how much money she made from her dad that day (she's 4) and her teeth were decayed. She wanted more money, so her dad told her to go over and wait in the house next door for another man to come. The scene flashed back and we were in the front yard again listening to Robert Deniro look-alike. When he was done talking, my mom said a bad word that started with sh.. Then the pastor said it (which is very uncharacteristic of both of them).

Just a little background info: My pastor's birthday is tomorrow, July 4th. I have a daughter who's almost 2, but she has a stroller and a car seat that are pink and brown cherry blossoms. I've sort of picked pink and brown as "her colors". My husband lives in a different county than I do, but we're sort of separated. However, I go up on the weekends sometimes with my daughter. My husband is very scraggly looking, like a homeless man. Because my pastor's birthday is on July 4th, I'm afraid something terrible might happen tomorrow.

Even if you don't help me interpret this dream, please pray that God will protect the children of this world from being enslaved and sexually abused. They're so precious and God wants them to have good childhoods. Please ask God for an extra blessing on the children tomorrow, July 4th, and a hedge of protection around them to thwart the devil's plans. Please pray for your children daily, pleading the blood of Jesus over them, asking the Lord to send his angels to surround them and keep them safe and from being hurt. This is so heavy on my heart, as if it's warfare time....on behalf of our children. I thank God for you all.
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