Dream of my ex.

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Dream of my ex.

Post by janlou on Wed Jul 01, 2009 3:48 am

Morning everybody,

Could someone just help me interpret the following dreams,
1) The first dream Me and my ex was at an old house but well maintained, and she said to me that we should go to her parents place because they won R24000 and that we should share in the prize with them, on our way there we walked past a small swimming pool and I said to her that I see she cleaned the pool and saw there was no leak in the pool aswell and the pool was sparkling clean remembering that the previous pool we were together at (also in a dream) was big , dirty and had a big crack in, and the house there was old and not looking very well... what stayed with me was the R24000 and the clean new pool, but there is something about the 24 because in the previous dreams i had about her it was symbolised in a date 24 April this time 24000?

2) last night i dreamed that she kissed me (my ex wife) but not like a goodbye kiss (lol) and she was totally more friendly to me than before she even hold my hand while we were walking, is it my own feelings or is God trying to tell me something about her or us? Can anyone please help me with this dreams,

Thank You and may our Mighty God bless everyone in abundance!!!

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