Me, My Friend, and A Child

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Me, My Friend, and A Child

Post by Palmira Gutierrez on Tue Jun 30, 2009 5:35 pm

I was in a car. I was the driver. Ann Ott (spiritual mother) is seated on the passenger side. She has a small female child on her lap. She was looking at the child and it seemed as if she had a real interest in this child. I thought to myself: "This can't be so. Ann isn't interested in a children's ministry."

Background information: For many years I have been told that I have a calling with children. I have continually refused to accept that prophecy. I do not have any desire whatsoever to work with children.
Ann Ott is my spiritual mother. Ann does not have an interest in a children's ministry either. She is in full time ministry. Her calling, however, is in the prophetic.

I do not believe that this dream is about Ann. I do believe it is about me. I am wondering if the Lord is saying that I will develop an interest in children. I have had several dreams during this year that I strongly feel are indicating a ministry with children.

I would appreciate any prophetic insight regarding this short dream.

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