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Posting Dream from the Other Forum

Post by gruiz on Mon 8 Sep 2008 - 17:07

This one is a long dream, I think I have interpretation but would like confirmation...

I had a dream last night that I was in a bus parked out on the street (not moving-seemed like a very long school bus) and I remember at one point I was trying to negotiate with a man who got in the bus who was suppose to be my adversary. I recall opening some curtains to a room where there was a coffin and on top of it, there was a couple of big, long rifles. I would negotiate with him and would tell him to please not take them because otherwise someone else (who apparently I was befriendling to destroy - but was a common enemy) would discover me and kill me. I remember telling him that I was doing this for my brother, to help my brother. Then, suddenly, I remember sitting on one of the bus seats with this person's head on my legs, who turned out to be a famous preacher and I was caressing his hair.

However, before all this happened, I had been at work in my office when a big nuclear bomb had exploted in my home city (I work about 25 miles from home) and I recall going into a restaurant where a woman would ask me if I was planning on moving elsewhere since that nuclear bomb had affected so many people and I remember thinking of my girls. I had not thought of moving prior to that but there was a doubt in my mind afterwards. There were other women there complaining about how this had affected and killed so many people --they seemed very worried.

Going back to the bus...Then, I saw this man getting lots of rifles out of a vehicle and throwing them out on the grass right outside the bus and suddenly many men dressed in military suits and armed (but I remember they weren't really military). They were going in between shrubs like if they were getting ready to attack someone.

All of a sudden, I remember I saw a whole bunch of people (it was suppose to be family but didn't recognize all), boarding the bus. I saw my mom and asked her if my brother was there, she said yes, so I asked that other man to leave before my brother would see him, so he left. But, I also saw a lot of others, including one of my aunts (not Christian) crossing the street, going somewhere else.

The verses that came to mind when I prayed about this were: Mathew 11:12b and Romans: 9:16.

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Re: Posting Dream from the Other Forum

Post by RnestseekR on Thu 11 Sep 2008 - 1:02

Did you post this on the section of this forum called DREAMS & VISIONS TO BE INTERPRETED? Try there and see if you get a better response.
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