woman drowning in water

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woman drowning in water

Post by Renewed on Mon Sep 08, 2008 1:03 pm

This is for your prayerful consideration......

Older man sitting in a chair out on the water on a square dock. To his left is a female( little girl) tied in a chair. I was in a building looking out a window at them. The building was on top of the water.

There were at least two men on a platform behind the man, they were lying on their stomachs talking to the man but I could not hear what they were saying.

The all of a sudden the man with his left hand lift the chair where the female was sitting and slowly began putting her in the water. The men was screaming trying to get to the female but they could not. The older ma remained calm.
I looked again and noticed that it was not a little girl but an older woman. After the woman was in the water, the chair became loose and she began swimming. I was still watching her , then I lost sight of her and went to another window to see.
At this time I noticed there was people in the room who was also watching, As I was watching the woman swim in the water, there was a current ahead of her, she began fighting against the current but gave uo because she became weak. Then I lost sight of her again and began running towards another window so Ican see where she went. Someone holler, where?, and I pointed to another window.
As I began running through the building, I noticed that I was outside the building in the air above the waters. But I did not fall into the water.

Then I knew I was dreaming and told myself to wake up.

next scene.

I was on a street and passed through this house, A little girl was crying and a young woman was consoling her. Realizing that the woamn who was in the water, this was her family and they were neighbors of mines, I asked her if she know who I was, she responded " yes I know who you are". she beagn tellling the little girl I',m sorry, it's all my fault. I continue to stand outside and looked around but contemplated whether I should go inside the house. Then I noticed other people in the house and they all were crying. The young woman kept saying it's all my fault that the little girl mother is dead,

I began telling the woman, do not blame yourself about what happened, she said; do not blame myself? and before I could respond I woke up.

The people was some type of foreign descent, all had dark hair except the father who had yellow(gold) with some white/gray in it.
Also in the dream,as I was watching, I wanted the woman to drown and I kept saying why did I want this woman to drown and not be rescue.
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Re: woman drowning in water

Post by butterfly on Mon Jan 05, 2009 3:50 pm

Hi Renewed as strange as it may sound sometimes a character in a dream can represent us on some level. In terms of the little girl could she represent you in some way or someone who you know.

In the first part of the dream this little girl is restricted, tied up, unable to have her freedom. You were not actively involved within the dream itself at the beginning but you were an observer, observing what was going on curiously from the outside.

This older man may represent help in some way as he released her so perhaps she could be free. The two other men perhaps had evil intention towards that girl. This girl turns into an older woman perhaps represents a mature woman who despite is struggling to overcome the problems (currents) coming her way. The transition from little girl to older woman could indicate that the problem of that person was going on from since she was a child into her adulthood or it could indicate that the child has become mature and able to fight on her own in some way. Perhaps the older woman all this time was projected as a child in the beginning because that was how she felt when she was a child, unable to help herself and move around freely without help from someone. As you watch what was happening curiously seeing how it all would play out you saw this girl getting weaker unable to make it so you run to get a better view of the situation.

Then the dream switches to a sad situation of persons crying concerning that situation. This young woman blames herself for the situation and the death that occured you began to console perhaps realizing that nothing could be done about the situation. You didn't want this woman to be rescued but it seems as if you were curious with how everything was being played out. Perhaps at the time of this dream there was a situation where alot was going on with someone you were watching all that was happening with curosity but you didn't feel the need to interfere with that situation, perhaps in some way you felt that that particular person was getting what they deserved so you didn't try to help them.
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Re: woman drowning in water

Post by Gail Neal on Mon Jan 05, 2009 4:23 pm


I believe the little girl is you. As you have grown in the Lord you possibly are exposed to points of view that are radically different from the ones you grew up with in your family (you are now better able to analyse your your thought and decision making processes through the word of God) this analytical ability perhaps causes you some fear that you have outgrown your family/traditional thought processes, which could cause your alienation from the family, and possible distress to your family (are you starting to think outside the box?).

Whilst you feel the pull/need to continue on your current path of growth you possibly have conflicting familial loyalties and love for tradition which causes you fear of alienation - you cannot resist the desire/call of God and yet you are possible grieving and mourning the loss of familiar thought processes....

I feel you are a young woman, which is why the females in your dream are very young to youthful women...

Please consider my interpretation in the spirit it was offered, and if it does not apply to your situation please disregard...

I pray you will find your answer...

Gail Neal
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Re: woman drowning in water

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