repost: recurring dreams what are they?

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repost: recurring dreams what are they?

Post by Rozes on Sat Jun 27, 2009 7:25 pm

thanks to all for your wonderful insights. now my dream goes like this.
there is a person whom i know, a musician just like myself the only diference is that he is not a christian yet.I know him personally but i am not attracted or in love with him but i have had dreams about him over the last 2 years.
It has been the 5th consecutive time that he had shown up in my dream.
The first time was he was playing in a band ,i was also there but i was dressed in pink and pregnant for him,
the second time was, we were in a church setting together, he was sitting with me and was very affectionate , gentle and kind to me and helping me with my music, the atmosphere felt as if we were in a relationship.
the 3rd time was we went somewhere in a bus(he was driving the bus) with some other people we stopped somewhere because i think i had to pick up my purse..but he was waiting for me .

the forth time i was at a worship service and he was the guitarist,after worship he came over and ask me to marry him.

the fifth time was we were just hanging together, by the way he has beautiful long hair so we were joking about his hair and just laughing together.
then i was laying on a bed then he came and cuddle beside me,just gentle hugging me,then someone out of nowhere came and said..i believe that the two of you will end up together..i woke up in the morning shouting...oh my gosh..oh my gosh..i was so shocked.
actually he is not the person i have in mind.that i would like to marry..

I also remember the Lord showing me him in a wheel chair...but i believe this has spiritual significance because he is a backslider...

any opinions?/

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