Preparing For An Event

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Preparing For An Event

Post by Guest on Thu Jun 25, 2009 8:13 am

Hello everyone! I'm still praying about this dream, but would appreciate any thoughts/interpretations...Thanks!

I was with my family (my parents) and we were preparing for an event that would be taking place tomorrow. The even was either a wedding or a reunion of some kind. We were all staying at this fancy hotel. The people that worked at the hotel were going out of their way to cater to us. A lady that worked at the hotel asked me if I wanted a drink and I said "yes". I was given a glass of red wine. Then I was asked if I wanted another drink (a smoothie) to go with my wine. I said "yes" and was given a choice of two different ones. I chose one that was lime. I was then asked if I would like a room. I was thinking it would be like a "waiting room" or a dressing room downstairs to use while waiting for the event, but soon realized they were going to give me a hotel room, and I didn't need one. And, this is also when I realized that I was going to have to pay for not only the room, but for the drinks, etc. I would be charged for all of this. It was fine, though, because I had plenty of money. I just had not realized this at first. Then a lady who did alterations came to do alterations on the outfit that I would be wearing tomorrow for the event. It was a pale blue pants suit (I have one just like it in real life and I really like it.) After the alterations were made, though, a lady who is shorter than me and a different weight than me tried on the outfit and it was given to me like it should fit me because it fit her. But I knew that she was built differently than me and it would not. As I tried it on, sure enough the pants were way to short in the crouch area of the pants, and I couldn't even pull them up all the way. They were worse than those jeans that you can buy these days that barely cover your backside. So I looked for a woman that I know in real life named Renae, who was with the hotel and the even planning and told her the outfit did not fit. At first she tried to tell me it had to fit, but I explained to her what the problem was and she quickly took it off to fix it. Since the even was tomorrow, I knew that she would likely have to work all night to fix the outfit in time for the event.

Next scene -- I was in a bookstore/souveneir store of this hotel observing. I watched a lady come in and talk to the sales lady. She asked if this hotel had programs for children -- boys -- who want to be girls. The clerk said yes and they began talking about the program. I was shocked for 2 reasons (1) that the hotel woud have such a program (2) that this lady would want to search this program out for these children and encourage them in this manner. Then all of a sudden we were no longer in the store, I was in a car riding next to a river. In the river was the sales clerk and the lady and they were in like a canoe and they were going downstream fast. My car raced in front of them at the water's edge and I had my window rolled down and I was yelling to the lady who asked about the programs for the children and telling her about how much God loved her. I went on and on and this woman really listened to every word that I said. When I was finished, all of a sudden the canoe just STOPPED and so did my car and now I was with the lady. But now she was not a "lady" she was a guy I went to high school with named Cliff. Cliff and I began to walk and talk together. We were holding hands (I'm married in real life so this is NOT romantic) and talking and reminiscing about old times and about how we used to be in math class together. As we walked back to the hotel, we went over and under barbed wire fences. Then I was just getting ready to tell Cliff about what happened with the lady in the souveneir/book store, when I realized he was that lady and this was his story. End of dream.


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Re: Preparing For An Event

Post by usemeLord on Thu Jun 25, 2009 10:27 am

I would be looking forward to tomorrow ready with confidence to share the word of God.

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